All submitted conference papers will be blind peer reviewed by three competent reviewers. The peer-reviewed conference proceedings will be composed of specialist panelists
A number of selected high-impact full text papers will also be considered f

About the theme

The theme of the International African Arts  Conference is Unlocking the creative potential of African nations through Arts and Culture, post COVID-19. The conference will take place in Kampala, Uganda, at St. Lawrence University, from 24–28 September. One of the main objectives of the  Conference is to promote and advocate for the development of African and international arts disciplines by bringing arts practitioners from diverse backgrounds together during the conference. The conference will offer an inclusive platform for sharing ideas and best practices in the arts.

Prospective authors are encouraged to share knowledge and skills which speak to how the arts have evolved in recent times, especially considering the impact of the global pandemic on the arts. Submissions for paper presentations, poster presentations, workshops and exhibitions are welcomed. Prospective authors are encouraged to contribute original and unpublished work within all areas related to the Arts.

We welcome proposals in visual and performing arts addressing the following questions:


    Sub-themes include, but are not limited to:

    1. Sustaining indigenous arts practices in the contemporary society: Challenges and best practices

    2.  UNESCO Goals for Development of the Arts Education and challenges of implementation in African countries

    3.  Arts education as an accessible, fundamental, and sustainable component of a high-quality renewal of education [Goals for the Development of Arts Education: Goal 1]

    4. Patronage of the Arts for inclusion, creativity, heritage preservation, and freedom of expression

    5. Grass root development of the arts for upgrading African arts practice

    6. Universal and cultural development through enhanced art practices for societal    advancement

    7. Documentation of African art practices for enhanced referencing

    8. Promoting positive synergy between traditional and contemporary artists for a productive relationship and economic benefits

    9.International collaboration of artists for enhanced creative growth

    10.  Copyright and protection of intellectual property of the arts and artists

    11.  Dance and cultural collaboration among African countries: Prospects and Limitations

    12.  The role of arts for sustainable economic development through entrepreneurial competencies

    13.  Safeguarding of historical arts and cultural sites

    14.  History of visual art, music, dance, or drama/theatre in Africa and the globe

    15.  Sustain digital and media arts to enhance entrepreneurship in arts

    16.  The Pedagogical Integration of Digital Technologies in teacher training

    17.  Teaching quality of music education in and outside the formal classroom

    18.  Quality arts education offered to students with special needs in schools

    19. Learning and teaching through the arts – creative drama, dance, and music

    20. The essentiality of dance or drama education in schools.

The main objectives of the Africa Arts Association are to strengthen and advocate for the Arts across Africa. Our aims include:

  1. To promote the visual and performing arts by assisting the establishment and running of numerous associations/alliances in African countries.
  2. To Increase public awareness and engagement in the arts through education and advocacy.
  3. To introduce a radical change in the concept and quality of all arts disciplines as an instrument to rejuvenate the values of human life and the African society at large.
  4. To promote the arts and establish active networks in Africa and internationally.
  5. To make people aware of their cultural heritage and raise awareness of how the Arts can address individual and community development, entrepreneurship and leadership development.
  6. To organise exhibitions, seminars, conferences and lectures to promote a better understanding of the Arts.
  7. To encourage high-quality research within the arts.
  8. To motivate and nurture young students and artists to upgrade the Arts in Africa and ensure the social and economic rights of the artists are protected.
  9. To support and maintain the UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals through the Arts.

Conference Proceedings

  • All submitted conference papers will be blind peer-reviewed by three competent reviewers. The peer-reviewed conference proceedings will be composed of specialist panellists.
  • Several selected high-impact full-text papers will also be considered for the special journal issues.
  • All submitted papers will have the opportunity to be considered for this Special Journal Issue.
  • The paper selection will be carried out during the peer review process and at the conference presentation stage. Submitted papers must not be under consideration by any other journal or publication.
  • The final decision for paper selection will be made based on peer review reports by the Guest Editors and the Editor-in-Chief jointly. Selected full-text papers will be published online free of charge.